Body and Mind prototyping

Smart garment project – Freelancing for Studio Rowan Verbraak

Shani Langberg┬áis a product designer who graduated from the Social Design Masters program at Design Academy Eindhoven. Her graduation project – Body and Mind – consists of a double shirt with contrasting belt in between. An integrated heart rate sensor, together with a microprocessor actuate a motor that gently tightens and releases the belt. This guides the belly to inhale and exhale according to belly breathing exercises.

Together with Shani we constructed seven prototypes, each with different fabrics and details. This iterative process allowed us to refine several very important aspects of the construction, e.g. the finish of the holes on the side to connect the technology, the folded tunnels that guide sensor data with conductive yarn and details on the outside to accentuate the belt inside.

A double shirt requires specific attention to the sewing order and pattern dimensions. The experts at the Textile workshop at DAE were a big help in the process. I learned a great deal on specific sewing techniques and fitting. Furthermore, working for two months in Design Academy Eindhoven amongst Master students and workshop experts is a huge inspiration and network boost.