Lia Posture Sensing Prototyping

Wearable Product design project – Freelancing for Studio Rowan Verbraak

Correcting posture is a very relevant topic these days. Lower back pain and related issues seem to be occurring more and more frequently in our society. Lia is a new and unique posture sensing device developed by Spinal Tech that reminds the wearer to sit correctly and thus develop a habit over time. Studio Rowan Verbraak was asked to redesign the product and develop the first new working prototype.

Together with the team from Spinal a new design was created through sketching, brainstorming and first and foremost 3D modelling. With the Rhinoceros software many different designs could be made and quickly 3D-printed to evaluate. The same applies to the charging dock. As the device is fully flexible with hardware inside a lot of attention had to go to the unique construction. Realising flexibility with fully rigid PCB’s inside is a major challenge.

For this silicone casting was used. FDM and SLS printers such as those at Shapeways produced moulds and by hand-casting the object, the team was able to explore shape, comfort and functionality. The project involved a large amount of 3D modelling complex shapes, 3D printing in different materials and silicone casting.