Pauline van Dongen Smart garment

Smart garment project – Freelancing for Studio Rowan Verbraak

Pauline van Dongen is a well known fashion technology designer in the Netherlands. One of her projects involves developing a unique garment with integrated technology. Studio Rowan Verbraak was asked to work on the technological and digital side as well as the integration of the technology in the textile outfit.

The project asked for a great deal of empirical research, e.g. stretch sense – both capacitive as resistive – , hard-to-soft connections, electrically conductive threads. Working this elaborately in the realisation of interactivity in textile products provided a lot of knowledge, especially on quality range and trustworthiness. Many different materials and methods were tested and documented.

The work also included designing, 3D-modelling and 3D-printing casings for the hardware – FDM and Polyjet – , realising the hardware – Adafruit feather board, I2C, LRA motors – , app development – Interface design, Android Studio, BLE – and much more.

The interaction between garment, application and user was designed very specifically to communicate the correct message without being obstrusive. We explored different feedback patterns with sketches, diagrams and tests.