Interactive product¬†design –¬†Semester project at TU/e

A product-service created through various design experiments in which materials, techniques and technologies were combined in unusual ways. The starting point is Voronoi Tesselation and the result is an interactive dance outfit being part of a larger service.

By 3D scanning, the body of every dancer is captured as a three dimensional object fully covered in voronoi tesselation. Parts that cover areas with high movement e.g. major joints are converted into screenprinting patterns and printed with an E-ink that puffs and conducts electricity. This way the Voronoi cells act as stretch sensors.

Real-life data on these dance movements is wirelessly transferred to a computer that transforms the data into output specific for the dance routine, such as light-effects, music or projection. This allows for an enhanced dance performance where the whole show is created by the dancers.