Interactive product design – Elective at TU/e

LAVIE – a Landscape of Virtual Emotions – is a subscription service for interactive footwear. The system analyses social media posts and deducts what your emotional status is. When subscribing for the service, the user is asked to choose two-dimensional patterns and link them to their emotions. As certain emotions are being detected, the right patterns change colour and become visible. The emotional status online may differ greatly from real-life emotions, raising the question on the authenticity of online behaviour.

The development of the shoe asked for a digital visualisation, this to communicate the concept more effectively. Rowan Verbraak used Processing 3 to create an application in which the user can play with the custom patterns

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-19 om 15.48.50
The shoe tongue is embroidered with different patterns that change colours when emotions are measured online. This is a visualization of that process.