Torce & Tancia

Interactive Jewellery design – Elective at TU/e

Jewellery can be a very personal and intimate topic. Designing custom jewellery often means designing for one specific person, involving emotions, stories and feelings. Both Torce and Tancia are designed specifically for one person and are representations of how this person sees the world and the position she takes in it.

Firstly, Torce is a rigid circular bracelet made of three metal tubes sliding in and over each other. Hence, the feeling and looks of the bracelet are constantly dynamic, similar to the culture of the person. She has a background of three completely different ethnic cultures and instead of sticking to one, she is mixing them to create her own ‘culture’. Because this mixture depends on the environment she is in, and the people she is with, her culture is a dynamic, ever shifting one, much like the Torce bracelet.

Tancia is a 3D-printed pendulum consisting of five voronoi cells. These five cells represent the five most precious relatives of the person, who are all spread out across the globe. The concept is that the cells are able to transform in shape whenever the relatives are travelling. A subtle reminder of the precious ones, far away yet always connected.