Phototrope user-research

UI research and prototyping Internship at

Fashion tech designer Pauline van Dongen has developed the Phototrope running shirt. A next-level illuminated running garment. is asked to conduct a user-research with a recreational running group in order to investigate the product possibilities. I developed an application that uses Bluetooth Smart to transfer data back and forth between smartphone and garment.

Furthermore a 3D-printed casing was made to protect the hardware developed by Aartsen Electronica and Philips Research.

This developmental stage of four months was followed by a period of 5 consecutive weekly user-tests. Every week a new functionality on the application was introduced to the trainer and experimented with. The result is valuable information for new iterations.

Phototrope interaction flow chart
Interaction flow chart for the app

Together with the trainer, special exercises or ‘games’ were created. Prior to programming the application, I made an low-fidelity UI prototype and flow chart. This made communication with other parties more effective and was the base for creating the algorithms.

UI connect groupUI connect make groupUI training

This UI prototype is made with the Sketch software. A lower fidelity allows me to focus on how the best way to visualise data, and how to intuitively navigate from page to page.

Visual collection