BenQ Future Light Bootcamp

Design Bootcamp – Study trip to Taiwan

Part of a collaboration between the Industrial Design department at TU/e and NTUST in Taipei, Taiwan, an intensive week-long bootcamp was done, with BenQ as our client. The challenge was to use one of their existing products and, together with design students from NTUST, innovate these products with new technologies.

My team: David Verweij, Chiara Treglia, Yi-Fang Yang, Wen-Zhuo Zhang, Cho-Jung Yen.
Together with two other teams we created It’s a Hub. A system consisting of a Beamer with router, an online interface and a clicker connected to the router.
The interface gives students a safe place to post questions about the lecture they are watching. The professor uses the clicker similar to any other clicker. It does however, also provide haptic feedback on the amount of questions students have at the current slide.

I worked on the interface, more specifically on the graphic design and usability of the interaction for both the students as the professors. The video below gives an excellent impression of the system.