Fashion design & Interaction design– Semester project at TU/e

The project briefing described combining traditional craftsmanship with new technologies and thus creating relevant interactive products. Patrun investigates the possibilities of innovating the ancient craft of Celtic knotwork. The result consists of two concepts:

A toolkit lasercut and equipped with lots of small puzzle pieces. These pieces are engraved with sections of Celtic patterns and and can be combined in many different ways resulting in many different patterns. The same toolkit then allows the user to knot the pattern directly on the board. With this toolkit, a white collar was made and exhibited at the Eindhoven Maker Fair.

The second concept makes use of EL wire – electroluminescent wire – to  enhance the visual complexity of the knotwork. However the wire only lights up when the wearer touches the piece, due to an outer layer of conductive yarn. A mysterious synergy between haptic interaction and visual feedback.